Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspire Your Wedding Fashion - 1940's Powder Room

You can pull inspiration from anywhere, and I mean anywhere, and I would love to see a wedding that was inspired by an old powder room. They were so feminine and dainty. I can imagine a pink and black one, where perfume was dotted on a woman's wrist so delicately, and men kept quiet while a woman took hours to primp. Got the visual?

Lets get inspired!

Sometimes starting the look off with your bridesmaids is inspiring in itself because there are so many options. Choose something feminine with a modern flair such as a sash or belt. But keep the fabrics soft and flowing, kind of like you would imagine the skirt of the makeup vanity being. A high waistline is very 1940's and quite flattering as well.

The bridal gown should embody femininity. Soft fabrics, gorgeous lace, and a body that follows the curves of an hour glass figure. The wonderful thing about lace is that while it is a very traditional fabric, it can have a modern twist to it with three dimensional flowers.
And remember the saying "Why don't I slip into something a bit more comfortable" You can actually take the lace layer off to reveal a sexy char muse slip dress. (pictured below) Perfect for a reception dress!

Include moms in on the picture too! They should have that 1940's look but with a bit of attitude. And talk about not dressing matronly, (which is what we hear from every mom that walks in our door) this dress is anything but! Walk around in this little number with a cocktail and you have the complete look of a 1940's powder room setting!

As for the setting, you can really pick up the look and feel of a vintage powder room here. Adorn the tables in soft cloths of pink, surround the tables with white chairs that have a black ribbon around them. Centerpieces can be really creative, such as vintage perfume bottles or antique picture frames with photos of the couple growing up. And be sure to get the feel going by having Sinatra playing in the background during cocktails and dinner.

Hope your inspired!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Little Black Dress-Every Closets Must Have Item

We all own them. You probably already have 2 or 3 in your closet. But they are a staple to anyone's wardrobe. The Little Black Dress. It can be classic, trendy, or a little bit sexy, and every woman looks great in them.

We've added a section to our store called, The Little Black Dress Section, and it is just that. A section that has the trendiest dresses in black ready for you to purchase right out of the store. No ordering, no measuring. You try on, fall in love, and take home that day to put on a fashion show for all your friends. Their perfect for guest of the wedding, rehearsal dinner, or any other occasion you have to look amazing at! And you can find the perfect accessories that were purchased specifically for your little black dress!

"A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous"
-Coco Chanel

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Get Inspired By Chelsea Clinton

Inspiration comes from everywhere. And why not get inspired for your wedding look from someone who has thousands of wedding dress choices at her fingertips? Of course I'm talking about Chelsea Clinton who recently got married in a beautiful Vera Wang gown. This dress embodied the newest trend of texture with an amazing beaded waist band and a voluminous laser cut organza skirt. Of course what makes any Bride beautiful no matter what gown she is wearing is their glow and smile and she did not stop beaming all day.

Has she inspired you yet? If she has we all know that Vera Wang's amazingly gorgeous bridal gowns are a bit out of the normal bridal gown budget. But that doesn't mean you can't find something in your price range that is similar to her look.

Start by looking for dresses that are draped with different textures. Then look for a waist that is cut above your belly button, think 40's housewife's party dress.Then top off the look with an intricately beaded sash or belt. Be open minded about this part, because you can always add a belt if your dream dress doesn't come with one. Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee, and Pronovias make beautiful belts that you can buy separately and add to your dress to finish your ideal look.

Love her look and you have to have it for your wedding day? Get inspired and come in to shop for similar looks like those below. We love when Brides come in with a vision!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Why We're Crazy About Cake Cutter Dresses

Celebrities brought us the trend of the cake cutter dress years ago and it has just started to go main stream. All of us that have already gotten married know how tiring it can be to wear a full bridal gown all night, especially to dance like crazy on the dance floor! It's also so much fun to surprise your guests when you come out wearing a completely different dress after the dinner.

They call them a cake cutter dress because Brides will change into their short "bridal gown" just after dinner and before the cake cutting. Think of Christina Aguilera for her wedding and get inspired for your own look. You can go funky with your style or simple and elegant. But make sure to let your personality shine through!