Friday, February 27, 2009

PROM 2009

We are so excited that Prom Season has started, it's so nice to see such bright beautiful colors around here. We have been busy with TV appearances advertising for prom. We've been on The Morning Blend with a Fashion Show to talk about what is new and hot for Prom 2009. The Models we got were from some of our area High Schools and they had a blast modeling and did a wonderful job. You might also have caught our Prom commercial on channel 12 that ran in February! It's been a blast starting off the year with all this excitement for prom! We have over 900 beautiful dresses and it's so much fun to see how great they are looking on everybody. Check out our MySpace that showcases a lot of styles and ideas. Send us a photo of you in your prom dress so we can show everyone!! You can also check out behind the scene photos of our Prom commercial and the models goofing off while the camera isn't running!

Click Here to see our Prom Fashion show on The Morning Blend

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What bridesmaid dress was chosen for Melissa?

The votes are in for The Morning Blend Wedding bridesmaid choice! The dress that won is dress #1, the purple with the sweetheart neckline, side sweep waist, and corset back. I was so excited when I found out because I think this will be a wonderful dress to coordinate the wedding party with Melissa's dress. The bridesmaid dresses that were chosen are designed by Alfred Angelo one of the leading bridal designers and manufactures in the area.

Tune in to The Morning Blend every morning on channel 4 at 9:00 to hear updates on Melissa's wedding planning and to vote for all the other wedding categories for her plans!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Fashion Recap on The Morning Blend

What did you think of the Oscar dresses? Hopefully you tuned in to channel 4 The Morning Blend Monday morning to hear all about who wore what, and what the experts thought. I saw a lot of gowns that will definitely be influencing the styles of wedding gowns in 2010. Old Hollywood glamour was reinvented with a modern twist. A lot of celebrities toned down the color and wore neutrals but played up the quality of the fabrics. The body part that is being featured for 2009 is the collar bone and shoulders. These parts were showed off with wonderfully constructed strapless and one shoulder gowns. What will this do for the Bridal Industry?

I would like to start with one of the gowns that I thought was perfect for the glamour of the Red Carpet. Marisa Tomei looked absolutely stunning in this Versace gown that combined old Hollywood glamour with the modern look of wrapping and pin tucking. I think I started drooling when I first was her walking down the carpet, it is a work of art! In the bridal industry we're seeing one shoulder gowns slowly trickle in and I'm expecting them to be even hotter in 2010! And this is going to make the fit n' flare even more important than it is now.

I think Jessica Beil is such a beautiful girl, however this was such a mistake for her. The color doesn't do anything for her and the shape and style of the dress hides that body that she works so hard for. She's made better choices in the past, hopefully she learns that she should show off that body instead of hiding it!!

We didn't have a chance to talk about Natalie Portman on The Morning Blend and I have to say as always I love her choice of gown and color. The orchid tulle dress by Rodarte was the perfect choice to accent her petite body and feature her beautiful face and features. She always chooses a sophisticated gown that shows off her elegance and stature. I was happy to see some color on her seeing as we saw so much cream and ivory. She definitely stood out on the Red Carpet, and that would be the goal right? You can definitely see the influence that this style of gown has in the Bridal Industry. Pronovias is a good example of a designer that designs with a simple elegance that is hard to find anywhere else. The fabrics are light and feel wonderful against the skin, and the shape of their dresses fit to a women's body to show off all of her feminine curves.

Another star that we didn't have a chance to chat about was Anne Hathaway. Talk about a gown that will have a huge influence in the Bridal Industry! She wore a beautifully fully beaded Campagne Diamante gown. While I would say that she looks best in deep jewel tones on the Red Carpet she carried of the neutral look with elegance and ease. When you are wearing a neutral of some sort whether it be cream, ivory, or champagne the easiest way to make sure you pull the look off is by offsetting the neutrals with deeper tones of makeup. This is especially important for special events such as the Red Carpet and your Wedding Day where many pictures will be taken of you and you may not have a chance to touch up your makeup.

There were mixed reviews about Penelope Cruz and her 60 year old vintage cream gown. I was on the fence until I found out that she fell in love with her dress at a Vintage store 8 years ago and when she went back to get it, it was still there. Any gown that has a story to tell with it has even more meaning to it. I wasn't so hot on the tulle skirt, but she has such an exotic elegance that she pulled it off beautifully. Bridal designers seem to be loving body hugging styles right now but I have a feeling that Penelope will be a big influence on the styles in 2010.

Over all I was very impressed with the choices the stylists and stars chose for the Oscars 2009. Old Hollywood Glamour was transformed in an era that is yearning to return to modesty and elegance. We often look to the Stars for fashion influence and I am excited to see what the Bridal and ready wear designers bring to us in fall 2009 and spring 2010. I sure am ready to show off my collar bone and flash a little skin!


Click here to see the The Morning Blend Oscar recap.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oscar Fashions

What are the stars wearing on the Red Carpet for the Oscars 2009? Watch Monday Feb 23rd to see what Alison and Molly Fay from The Morning Blend and Amelishan think about the fashions on the Red Carpet, who wore what, and how we thought they looked. You can't miss this if you love fashion and have an opinion of what the stars are wearing for 2009. Is the recession holding them back or are they still going all out? Watch Monday on the Morning Blend at 9:00 to find out!

Which Bridal Gown Was Chosen for Melissa?

The votes are in and I know everyone is on the edge of their seats in anticipation wondering which bridal gown was chosen for The Morning Blend contest winner Melissa Vartanian! We were so excited when we found out on air on The Morning Blend Tuesday morning!

Just as a recap, The Morning Blend viewers get to vote and make the final decision for all aspects of Melissa's wedding. (Besides who she's marrying of course!) We appeared on The Morning Blend two weeks ago to show the viewers what 3 dresses Melissa had chosen to have you vote for. And we are so excited to announce which dress was chosen! The dress that was chosen for Melissa is designed by Sophia Tolli. It looked absolutely beautiful on Melissa when she tried it on and I can't wait to see it on her on her wedding day!

The Morning Blend Wedding/Bridesmaids

It's time to vote for the Bridesmaids dresses for Melissa's wedding on The Morning Blend. We appeared on the show 2/17/09 to show the viewers the three choices that Melissa and her bridesmaids chose. All three are by Alfred Angelo and flattered all the bridesmaids very much! Melissa gets too choose the color for the dresses (at least she gets some choices!) She really likes the jewel tones like burgandy and Alfred Angelo's new color tealness, which is our top pick because it looks amazing on so many different skin tones.

Voting for the bridesmaids ends Monday Feb 23 so get your votes in now if you want to be part of planning the wedding for Melissa! (Our vote is for the one shown in red because it has a corset back and so does the bridal gown that won last week for Melissa) It's the perfect touch to cordinate the wedding party!

Click Here to view The Morning Blend with Amelishan segment for Bridesmaids

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Morning Blend Wedding Contest

We are so excited to be part of The Morning Blend wedding contest. The contest is really similar to the wedding that Regis and Kelly air on Valentines Day on their show. Engaged couples can enter and explain why they should be chosen to win a $25,000 wedding package. (Sounds like a dream!) The audience votes for who should win. Then the audience votes to choose all of her wedding plans. For example with us they choose from 3 bridal gowns and 3 bridesmaids.

The winner, Melissa Vartanian, came in our store to try on dresses and pick her 3 favorite that the audience would be voting from. It was so much fun! Melissa and her family were so nice and easy to work with. She looked good in ALL the dresses so it was really hard to choose which 3 were her favorites. But she did make a decision and you can see two of them in the photos. The following week Melissa, her event planner Kim, and I were on the Morning Blend to show the audience what their choices were. ( Talk about putting your trust in the hands of strangers!) But I know they'll make a good decision, they can't not because all three dresses looked amazing on Melissa!
Click Here to view The Morning Blend with Amelishan for the Bridal gowns

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bartolotta Wedding Show

We were so excited and privileged to have been asked by the Bartolotta family to be part of their wedding show at their newly renovated Grain Exchange. The Bridal Show was held Sat January 31 at 5:00. The guests started out downstairs with drinks and deserts and then made their way up to the Grand Ballroom. We, as well as maybe 10 other wedding vendors had Boothe's set up to be visited by the couples. We also had 3 of our models wearing some of our most beautiful dresses working the floor and the stage. The guests also could choose from 5 separate areas that offered samples of the Bartolotta's amazing food. All in all an amazing show considering the beautiful renovated building we were located in and the wonderful warmness of the Bartlotta family.