Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Morning Blend Wedding Contest

We are so excited to be part of The Morning Blend wedding contest. The contest is really similar to the wedding that Regis and Kelly air on Valentines Day on their show. Engaged couples can enter and explain why they should be chosen to win a $25,000 wedding package. (Sounds like a dream!) The audience votes for who should win. Then the audience votes to choose all of her wedding plans. For example with us they choose from 3 bridal gowns and 3 bridesmaids.

The winner, Melissa Vartanian, came in our store to try on dresses and pick her 3 favorite that the audience would be voting from. It was so much fun! Melissa and her family were so nice and easy to work with. She looked good in ALL the dresses so it was really hard to choose which 3 were her favorites. But she did make a decision and you can see two of them in the photos. The following week Melissa, her event planner Kim, and I were on the Morning Blend to show the audience what their choices were. ( Talk about putting your trust in the hands of strangers!) But I know they'll make a good decision, they can't not because all three dresses looked amazing on Melissa!
Click Here to view The Morning Blend with Amelishan for the Bridal gowns

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