Friday, April 3, 2009

Amelishan at Chicago Bridal Market

We recently got back from a buying trip in Chicago and I love talking about what is new and upcoming and what you will be seeing in Fall 2009 and Spring 2010. It's hard to think about Fall already seeing as we haven't really reached a warm enough temperature to imagine Springs on it's way in. But I am so excited to give a sneak preview of what is coming, straight from the designer's mouths.


Fabrics are taking center stage with gorgeous pleats in silks and charmuese. I saw an amazing quality in the satin and silk that I haven't seen in years. The fabrics wrapped around the models bodies creating shape and curves. (And we all want that, don't we?)


Feminine shapes and embellishments show us that fashion is leaning towards women showing off their soft sides as we saw soft flowing fabrics and bead work. Accessories finishing off that look showed flowers and long cathedral veils or cage veils showing us that old Hollywood is a huge influence in the future of bridal. Think Gretta Garbo and other Fashionistas from the past that influenced their era.


I love that we saw pockets in Bridal and Bridesmaids dresses. After seeing this fashion statement on the Red Carpet for a couple seasons we are finally seeing the fashion trickle into Bridal. Not that you necessarily need to use them, but who doesn't want to have their lipstick right on hand for touch ups? I also love the flattering cut of the skirt and waistline that will lend to hiding any one's figure flaws. And we all know how much fun it is to dance in such a full skirt!

Bridesmaids were an array of different shades and colors mixed throughout the wedding party. Think:No more matchy matchy and more mixing of different tones throughout a wedding party. I loved this idea because who wants your pictures to be one big blob of monotone color. Mix and match and feel free to be more laid back about the colors not matching up exactly, that's the idea! And now, we are seeing more and more bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again and again. No lie! After Six, Dessy, and Alfred Angelo are making dresses in softer "ready to wear" fabrics that are ideal for Holiday's, Cruises, and Guest of the wedding. Which is ideal in these economic times when you want everything to be worth while for your wedding party!


We absolutely adore what we saw in Chicago for the Mother of the Bride. Take a look at the Jade Collection by Jasmine. Young and fashionable, not matronly, and equally as flattering. We also decided to pick up their Jade Couture line after seeing the styles walk the runway. Beautiful! You can't find style and fabrics like this anywhere else! And with our collection of over 800 Mother's dresses you can tell we love to offer you the best of the best.


We at Amelishan love fashion and that's why we do what we do. We love bringing our Brides the newest and best that there is in the Bridal Industry. (When new stuff arrives, we're just like kids at Christmas!) I am so excited for what is next up and coming in bridal and can't wait for all of our new Brides to fall in love with what we bought!

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