Sunday, February 7, 2010

Buy Your Dream Dress On Budget

What do you do when you find your ultimate dream wedding gown and it is way over your budget? Start shopping for it's twin at half the price!

It's so difficult when you fall in love with a gown only to find out that it is not within your budget. We deal with this all the time. Brides bring in a photo of a dress they have to have but is too far out of their "dress budget". And we help them find something very similar, if not identical by another designer for less. I recently received the newest Bridal Guide magazine in the mail, and fell in love with the cover dress! I love it's simplicity and the one shoulder is so important in bridal right now. The cover dress is designed by Val Stefani and retails for about $2,000. If that's a bit above your dress budget we have an identical dress for less.

Pictured above is our sister dress to the Val Stefani. It retails for $895.00 in our store. We are so happy when we can help a Bride find her dream dress on the budget that she has already set for herself. So if you have something in mind already, but it's a bit too much. Just bring in a picture when you set up an appointment and your consultant can help you find something very similar for less!! And if your interested in this dress, ask for #17913 when you come in!

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