Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bridal Gown Budget Under $300, No Problem!


Quite a few Brides right now are budget conscious, and it seems to be quite a task to shop for a bridal gown on such a tight budget! But if you start your shopping experience with the right information and let your bridal consultant know what budget you are on, it's a breeze! Let your consultant know what you would like to spend on your bridal gown, this way, because we help you shop, we can start you off in the right direction. And because our consultants don't work on commission there is never any pressure to spend a certain amount on your dress. Our goal is to help you find the perfect dress for you, regardless of the cost.

We understand that Brides have lowered their budget for their bridal gowns and that's why we have such a wide range of prices. In fact we just received our new informal dresses and they are pricing right around $250. So if you plan on spending $200 or $1,200, we have something for every Bride. Especially with our annual Tent Sale coming up! Bridal gowns are as low as $89.00! And no one has to know what you spent on you dress (unless you want to brag about it)!


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