Friday, July 23, 2010

New York- New York

Here we are posing with Arthur the Owner of Mori Lee

We were just graciously invited to the Mori Lee Bridal New York design room to view the bridal gowns that are in the running for the Spring 2011 Bridal Collection. We were asked to mark the dresses as they came down the runway as our favorites or not and weather we thought any changes should be made as to be more sale able to our customer.

The dresses were beautiful and the designer Madeline Gardner described the look she was going for as Romantic. We saw many flower accents as well as soft beautiful fabrics that draped the body. We are definitely going to be looking at a more delicate and feminine Bride in 2011 who is going to want an easy,comfortable, yet unbelievably gorgeous gown! Madeline knows how to dress a woman in any size or shape and you are never going to make a mistake by purchasing a Mori Lee Bridal Gown!

The over all trip was amazing, New York has wonderful restaurants and great stores (Bloomingdales)! We ended the trip at Arthur's summer home where we dipped our feet in the ocean, had amazing food, and watched the sun set to a live singer. What a blast!

Here we are with Madeline (the designer) and Martin who also owns Mori Lee

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