Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Tips To Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day

I love when women share beauty tips and secrets. Sure we can read about great products in magazines, but how much of that is to get a sale. So when a friend raves about a certain product that is dong wonders for her I practically run to the store to buy it!

That's why I am so excited to rave about 2 new things that I discovered that are also perfect for a Bride who wants to A:glow on her wedding day and B:de-stress during all of her crazy wedding planning.

I just picked up the Clinique Turnaround peel to try something different from my regular exfoliation method. And the day after my first use I used I got so many compliments at work on my glowing complexion. You're supposed to use it 3 times a week and let it sit like a mask and then exfoliate away. I put it on in the shower and let it sit while I shampoo and when I get out of the shower I have the glow that only comes from working out for an hour. And you've gotta love that!

To most women, myself included, massages are a luxury. So when my Husband gave me a gift certificate for one this Christmas I was so excited. The certificate was for Healing Elements and Day Spa in West Bend. I spent a while on their website trying to decide what to spend it on (like a kid in a candy store) and decided to try something I have never tried before and get the Water Massage.
It was TRULY HEAVEN! The entire time the masseuse is massaging you, there are jets of water that run over the part of the body not being worked on. I love the sound of water and I was able to transport myself to St.Lucia and imagine I was under a waterfall. And Gina was amazing at getting all the stress kinks in my neck out! Another plus was that the warm environment and water helps you loosen up so the masseuse can work on your muscles easier.

If a water massage is not your thing (you do come out of the massage completely soaked) they have many other options available to help you relax and you get a hand paraffin at the end as well!
I am going to make these massages a monthly indulgence because I am trying to focus on the well being of myself and my body. And I think this would be a wonderful way for a stressed out Bride To Be as well.

Visit their website to see what you would love to indulge in! And ask for Gina, she is amazing!

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