Thursday, May 28, 2009

Harley Davidson Wedding Show

Lights, Cameras, Fashion

We just had the wedding show at the Harley Davidson Museum put on by the Wedding Planner and Guide and it was a blast. First of all I have never been to the Harley Museum, and although I have never been into motorcylces, I was thoroughly impressed! Whoever designed the venue and museum did a great job. They mixed industrial, with modern, and added a touch of chic to come up with an amazing location for parties and weddings, as well as for everyone that is crazy about Harley's.

The wedding show itself was a huge success and it was great to see everyone play up the Harley colors and theme and mix it with the elegance of bridal fashions. We decided to add a little playfulness to our booth for this show with the use of the Harley black and orange and then adding the top color of the season PINK!

I think everyone that came to the show was relaxed because of the atmosphere that was made from the venue. And everyone stayed a bit longer than normal to chat up what fashions are hottest right now.

I was so excited to see what the Fashion Show would look like. We had our veil designer make some amazing new one of a kind veils and headpieces specifically for this show and I couldn't wait to see how the model worked those and our dresses on the runway. (Last minute change, the day before the show our model was changed! So it was a bit stressful to refit her the day of, but I loved how she worked the runway! She was amazing and so nice.)

The fashions shown for the night were a mix of couture and traditional bridal. We wanted to introduce the new look for 2010 in a way that knocked peoples socks off, and show off the new cage veils that are so hot right now. Of course we had to celebrate the Harley traditions as well, so we introduced the newest fashions with touches of Black, Orange, and off course a bit of Pink!

The Fashion show went off without a hitch, (that's without talking about the behind the scenes craziness!) The music and beat was perfect for the theme and attitude of the show, and the models strutted their stuff like there was no tomorrow! We saw color, ruffles, flirty bridesmaids, and simplistic bridals. I felt like I was in New York watching the fashion shows during Fashion Week.

The bridal industry is blowing up for 2010 with amazing colors, couture fit gowns, and elegant but laid back wedding themes. We love that people are focusing on the happiness of the day and not getting caught up in making it all "perfect". Brides want a dress that fits their personality and it doesn't matter if it's the newest trend or not. Bridesmaids are wearing their dresses again, (Yes, you better believe it!) and the men are looking less made up and more handsome than ever.
The Harley Bridal Show gave us a glimpse into the trends and fashions of 2010, not only for gowns, but in table trends, journalistic photography, and the newest way that brides are stepping back and letting things happen. The Industry is abuzz with excitement of the upcoming season, and we can't wait to see it all come together!

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