Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Morning Blend Wedding Was Friday!

Melissa and Vache are finally married!! Last night, Friday May 15th, Melissa and Vache (the winners of The Morning Blend Throws a Wedding) got married at the Titanic Exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Everything was beautiful!

Here I am getting started with the dresses

Here Roxanne and I are with the Mom's and two soon to be sister in laws

The day started at 3:00 getting all of the girls ready, Jennifer, Krista, Stephanie, Silva, and Sosi. They were a blast! All of them were so nice and easy to work with. A brides dream! The dresses looked so beautiful on the bridesmaids, and the color was amazing with the flowers. The mothers looked wonderful in their dresses which were very flattering on them both. Recommendations for brides and bridesmaids: Hollywood double sided tape is amazing for "just in case" situations. (Keep it in your clutch for touch ups.)

After Melissa and her bridesmaids finished getting ready we headed up to the Rainforest section of the Museum to get started on photos. How fun! Melissa is going to have amazing wedding photos due to all of the wonderful backdrops in the museum. We then went into the dinosaur exhibit to take photos in front of the T-Rex eating the other dinosaur exhibit. The photos turned out great and everyone looked amazing in them.

Alison and Molly Faye

Here I am with the beautiful Bride

Melissa with her mom and sister

We went back to the fitting room to see how Jennifer's daughter Hailey, the flower girl, was doing getting dressed and made up. She was adorable and was so good throughout the night. Alison and Molly Faye stopped in to see how everyone was doing and we had a quick chance to take some photos with them. The girl's made all of the needed last minute adjustments and then we were off to the titanic exhibit for the ceremony.

I wasn't able to take any photos during the ceremony, but it was beautiful and so touching. The ceremony was held right in the Titanic exhibit and the quests chairs were seated amongst the cases of artifacts from the wreck of the Titanic. Immediately following the ceremony Melissa and Vache were interviewed by Alison and Molly Faye from The Morning Blend. They then interviewed Grandma Rose, she was the sweetest thing ever. It was her father that was a Third Class survivor on the Titanic! Amazing and romantic story of survival and searching for loved ones!

The guests were then invited to finish the tour of the Titanic exhibit and at the end we all gathered for a traditional Sipper toast to congratulate the newly married couple. While the guests toured the museum and had hors devours and drinks. We finished up the photos and took some of the family in the Streets of Old Milwaukee. The cake cutting proceeded that and then the prayer.

Jennifer and I then proceeded to bustle Melissa's dress. The alterations and bustle were done by Perfect Fittings and looked beautiful. Melissa was a good sport with standing and being patient with me because at that point her feet hurt really bad and she was ready to sit down and eat. I also discovered I have to start lifting heavier weights because my arms got tired from bustling the dress. Great!

The food was great. I sat at the table with the Hosts, Producers, and camera crew from channel 4's The Morning Blend and they were so pleasant to talk to. I love doing work with them because they are all down to earth "real people". A lot of people were coming by our table to get their pictures taken with Molly Faye and Alison. And they were great sports about it. Melissa and Vache were making their rounds to say hi to everyone. They were so thankful for all that Amelishan and all of the other vendors gave them. I have never worked with such a grateful and worthy couple and I am truly so happy for them!

Alison, Me, Melissa, and Molly Faye

After dinner they cleared the tables for the dance floor. The first dance of the night was the traditional Armenian Bride and Groom dance. It was so fun to watch and everyone there knew how to do it! I have never seen this tradition and it was so amazing to be a part of. The rest of the night everyone had a blast dancing.

Melissa and Vache glowed the entire day! You could tell how in love they were, it just radiated from them. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but in a good way! I was so fortunate to be part of this couples day and part of this unique experience. Tune in Monday May 18th when I will be on The Morning Blend talking about the wedding day. They will also be showing clips of the night and pictures. So you can get a peek at how everything went. You can't miss it!

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