Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kim's Bridal Shower!

All of us here at Amelishan Bridal were so excited for Kim's Bridal Shower. She's getting married on Oct 3rd so we knew we had to have it soon. We decided we wanted it to be a surprise so we made up some excuse to all meet at The Mineshaft in Hartford for dinner. Which isn't too unusual for us so she had no idea it was going to be her shower.

We all got there early to set up and get ready and waited patiently for the Bride to Be to arrive. When she was about 6 minutes late I figured I'd give her a call, because after all what would we do if the bride forgot to come and never shows up?! So I gave her a call, and guess what, she forgot! She told us just to go ahead without her and she'd be there in an hour! I have never heard of the bride not showing up for her shower! So, we had to blow the surprise and tell her to get her butt over there because this was her surprise shower. LOL She felt so bad!
But we all had a blast, even while we were waiting for her to arrive. Below are some pictures of her with her presents and some of the whole group.

We love you Kim! Even if you were an hour late for your Bridal Shower!! :)

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bridal said...

Well, bridal shower is a gift giving party given for a bride before her wedding. Wish I can also have that before my own wedding. Thanks for sharing you moment Kim. I enjoyed reading this post.