Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pick Out A New Scent For Your Wedding Day

One of the wedding tips I love to give is to pick out a new perfume for your special day. It's wonderful because it's fresh and new for you and because scent is one of the biggest inhibitors of memory, if you wear it on special days or anniversaries your husband will smell you and wonder why he's feeling giddy and so in love again.

Start looking at least 2 months before so you can experiment with the scents and make sure that they react well with your chemistry and that none of them give you a headache or make you feel nauseous. The best way to do this on the cheap is to collect samples from department stores or Sephora. Just tell the makeup consultant what you're up to and they will be more than happy to dig up samples for you from the back or make the samples for you. Just remember to try different scents, from Sexy Siren Bride to Romantic Bride to determine what feel your going for on your wedding day.

When you've found the perfect scent don't forget to spray it on before you put on your wedding dress as some fabrics like silk and taffeta are easily stained by perfume. And save that sample to take with you on your Honeymoon, it'll be easier to pack than the regular size and less breakable. Try to save some until at least your first anniversary, because trust me, as soon as your Husband gets a whiff of you and the memories of your wedding day start rushing in, you won't be able to stop him from sniffing your neck!

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