Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspire Your Wedding-2010 Emmy Style

It's easy to emulate the style of celebrities, even if you don't have their million dollar budget and a personal stylist. You just have to have a good eye. And the celebrities at the Emmy's this year definitely have a style you want to follow. They represented elegance with a bit of old Hollywood glam. With dresses in neutral colors that made you look at their beauty and accessories and not just the dress.

This year on the red carpet and in bridal it's all about textures. Gone are the days where designers throw every bead and ruffle they could imagine on gowns just to get a statement. Now it's all about fabrics, textures, and how the dresses drape on a woman's body. The perfect fabrics to make this statement with? Taffeta's and silks. They allow for the dress style to speak for itself without anything to distract the eye.

Rosettes. Everywhere I look are rosettes. They create wonderful texture and make a couture statement that only the most confident woman can pull off. The key here is not to add volume to the body, the texture should flow with the contour of the bodies curves. The rosettes are either actual flowers or make of shredded silk, which makes for a soft and romantic look. This is the newest trend for the 2010/2011 season and if you love a different style you'll love this look!

We have been seeing one shoulder gowns on the red carpet for a couple of seasons now and they get more and more beautiful as the seasons go on. This is the perfect look if want something unique but not completely out of the box. You'll find one shoulder bridal gowns available in an array of fabrics such as silk, satin, and taffeta. The key to an amazing look? Toned arms. Because the emphasize is on the upper body, toned arms will complete this look and make it that much more amazing!

Do you have a specific celebrity style that you love? Bring us a picture when you come in to look at bridal gowns and we will help you find the perfect dress for you!

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