Friday, October 8, 2010

Chicago Bridal Market - We Are Inspired!

We love shopping at all of the bridal markets. We always come home completely inspired and ready to move into the next year bringing you style and everything wonderful! It's quite a job when we go, not only are we shopping for 4 full days. We have to widdle down our purchases to bring our customers the best of the best. All the shopaholics out there don't know a thing about shopping until they go to a clothing market! :)

That said we love it! When I step off the elevators at the Chicago Bridal Mart and smell all the new products my stomach starts bubbling with excitement! And we cannot wait to bring you the hottest styles for 2011! Everything is simplified and feminine. Bridal gowns are all about the lines of the body and how they shape to a woman's curves. And clothes right now are all about accenting our curves, no matter if they're big or small! If bridal gowns do have some sparkle it is subtle like in a sash or belt and on the bodice. And it's all about personalization, like adding a unique sash or antique brooch to make it a one of a kind creation!

Bridesmaids are as hot and wearable as they have ever been and we are sighing a relief for that! The hot colors right now are black, teal, and coral. No girl will say no to being a bridesmaids after she sees what 2011 has in store for her! Short, long, and layered and very flattering to any body type. Brides beware, you're girls might look as hot as you do!

And our favorite category. Accessories! Wait until you see the new shoes, combs, and jewelry we have for you! Everyone knows about a woman's obsession with shoes right? Well imagine 4 women at market trying to narrow their shoe choices down to their very favorites. It's near impossible so instead we are bringing you any amazing amount of new trendy wear again shoes that you won't be able to resist (because we couldn't)! And Brides will have more than enough choices of beautiful accessories to finish off her look too!

Let's break it down. What will we be bringing you for 2011?
*A new line of bridal gowns designed by Alfred Angelo inspired by the Disney princesses and trademarked by Disney
*A new line of bridal gowns specifically designed for our store and only available at Amelishan
*Wearable Bridesmaids that will make a girl scream yes to all the duties of a bridesmaid
*To die for accessories
*Young moms dresses that will not show a woman's age, only her style
*And of course we want the men to look as hot as everyone else so we are going to add 8 new tuxedo styles to our collection and beautiful colors to cover all your wedding matching dreams!

-Happy Shopping!

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