Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amelishan Wedding - Amber & Nick

If you love a unique wedding you'll love pouring over the photos of Amelishan's Real Wedding for Amber and Nick. In fact, Amber is the AM of Amelishan! So what kind of wedding do you plan when you are a designer yourself and have known the wedding industry since you were a child?
A wedding unique to your taste and ideas, and shows just who you are as an individual.

The Bridesmaids dresses all got to choose an Ivory dress of their choice. Yes, that's me to the left of Amber! She's my cousin and best friend! I chose a dress by Bill Levkoff as well as 2 of the other bridesmaids. Amber's dress is an Allure, that she got at Amelishan of course, and she put her own spin on it with the leather belt and customizing the shoulder accent.

The ceremony was in a rose garden in Kansas City. The day was beautiful and the sun came out just at the right time since it had been storming all morning. The reception was held at this great little restaurant that already had a great decor and personality.
Amber and I collected porcelain animals that she painted white to put on all of the tables. And made a great head table decoration of branches and origami birds.
Dinner was petite hamburgers with homemade french fries. Everyone devoured them!

The details were amazing. From the earrings she designed for the Bridesmaids to the songs that her Dad sang to her at the ceremony and dance. Everyone had a blast and didn't want the night to end. And that's what every Bride hopes for!

Amber and Nick's photography was done by Elizabeth the owner of Atelier Photography. Call 414-840-7328 to get more info about booking her or visit us at Amelishan to pick up her card and look through her albums.

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