Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Knot Reviews

I was on The Knot yesterday and ended up reading through some of our reviews. I love hearing why customers love us! And yes, the bad too, because that's important to us too :)

Just thought I'd post some of our newer reviews from our Knottie Brides out there.
Thanks for posting!

Excellent Service! posted 8/30/2011

This was the only bridal shop that I had tried wedding dresses on at. It was my first dress and I loved it! I had tried my dress on in July and we found out in December I was pregnant. They helped me figure out what size I would need and helped talked me through my thoughts of if I should order a different dress or just keep the one I fell in love with! I ended up staying with the dress. I still love it to this day! They helped me pick out jewelery and a veil and headband! They always remembered who I was when I came back in the store! They helped with the selection of my bridesmaid dresses as well! I found beautiful dresses that could be worn again and weren't that expensive! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Truely Amazing posted 8/27/2011

After trying on dresses at many other place I was delighted to find my dress at Amelishan Bridal. They have a huge selection and my dress was absolutely amazing. I had my fittings done in the store, and don't worry about finding a bra anywhere else. The selection is amazing here!

Worth all the driving! posted 8/7/2011

Amelishan is about a 1/2 hr away, one-way from my house. They coordinated all of my wedding party's attire. We bought my dress & veil, my bridesmaids dresses, and my flowergirl's dress. We rented tuxes for my groom, his groomsmen, and our fathers. Everyone involved appreciated the professionalism in this locally owned store. Each member of the staff takes great pride in being a part of a couple's special day and proves it through their interaction with their customers. I definitely reccommend being a rewards member with the store for some bonus savings! Their alterations staff is amazing as well. I will be recommending Amelishan to any brides-to-be I know-- they certainly put chain stores like David's Bridal to shame...

Great price! posted 7/30/2011

Very happy with my wedding dress! It was not what I had orignially thought but fell in love. Amelishan has great specials and sales. I bought my off the rack for over 50% off. Great service also.

Beautiful Dress choices posted 7/30/2011

We did all of our wedding attire through Amelishan Bridal. The tuxes, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress and bridal dress. Plus all the alterations for myself and my bridesmaid dresses were all done at Perfect Fittings (affiliated w/Amelishan Bridal). I had an awesome consultant that I worked with at Amelishan (Amanda) and she really made my experience amazing and fun and stress-free! Whatever my girls or I wanted.. she made it happen. As far as the alterations, although they did a good job with my hem and bussel alterations, I still feel that I paid way to much. Close to $300! I would think that considering the amount of money my whole wedding party spent at Amelishan, that they could give me some sort of discount but... that was not the case. All in all... it's a very nice, elegant, classy place to consider for your wedding attire!

Beautiful! posted 7/22/2011

The shop is beautiful and the service was excellent! The way the shop is set up is very helpful in finding the perfect dress!!

Great Customer Service posted 7/15/2011

Overall I was very happy with Amelishan, especially their service. I never felt as though the staff was pressuring me to make a decision. They a large selection of wedding dresses and a large selection of mother of the bride dresses in all sizes, which made my mother very happy. I LOVE my wedding dress and received many compliments on it. I'd recommend Amelishan to any future brides in the area. It's worth the drive to Hubertus.

Best posted 7/3/2011

I had the best experience at Amelishan Bridal. The service was amazing. Each employee was very helpful and made the experience very personal. Good deal too.

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